The sickest part (in a good way) of living abroad is you’re forced to cook something to eat. It’s much less expensive than buying some meal at restaurant or cafe. Also it”s very astonishing to cook something yourself, mix everything you think is cool enough to be mixed, experimenting on the dressing and sauce, and so on.

I think i’ve cooked my first proper dinner last night which consist of potatoes (nasi is more expensive here), runderknakkenworst (halal sausage), champignon, and groenten mix (mixed veggie). Add a bit of salt, garlic and oregano (best part) and they’re ready to served. I should have add some olive oil on em, but forget to buy it. Here’s some pic of what i made last night (pic can be deceitful)


A’dam at last

A’dam at last. Be sure to check out my facebook for more photos i take around A’dam on my first day, bluds.

I guess i’ll start blogging again from now, hopefully on a daily basis.

Trip to KL Part 2

The third day in KL starts with a bit of breakfast down at the fifth level of the hotel. And then of we go to a bit of walkin tour provided by the Aga Khan. The tour itself takes me to a different scene of KL, actually a rather old districts of KL. Since I mainly resides in KLCC where the complex is a modern one, this trip broader my view of KL scene. The first place I encounter is the Central Market.

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Trip to KL Part 1

A while ago, from 2-6 Sept I have the chance to visit Indonesia’s so called student, Malaysia, in KL actually. The trip was made in courtesy of my dad, He got an invitation from Aga Khan Award for Architecture, a three year award held in Moslem country, including Indonesia back in the 90’s. I even skip Adira’s invitation for a test in 6 September just to yield this trip. Okay enough of the preambule, let’s get to the main thing.

The journey starts normaly at CGK (Soekarno-Hatta Airport) and we fly to KLIA by MAS (Malaysia Airlines). The airlines is good, the food is cool, a beef noodle with mushroom sauce, a glass of orange juice, and of course a glass of white wine. Too bad the air stewardess is not my type, haha. Okay, then we arrived at the modern airport of KLIA, in the remote airfield. In order to get the baggage, I must travel like 5 minutes to the main airfield by somekind of train connecting the 2 airfield. Rumor has it that KLIA is intending to build another airfield cause the airport is too crowded.

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Yeah, i know it’s kinda weird for me to use another person’s theme, but since it’s and i can’t have full control of the documents inside and i’m too lazy to revive my old, so here it is, my new blog. Hope you dig this!